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Who We Are
This website is about the Black Guns Matter Movement. The movement was founded by Maj Toure in response to the constant police brutality suffered by members of the black community across America.

The Black Guns Matter website provides information about the movement and how people can get involved in their local communities. The site also features instructional videos for owning, storing, and using firearms responsibly. This includes offering free firearm storage to individuals who are legally obliged to turn over their guns but don't have a safe place to store them.
Maj Toure is the founder of Black Guns Matter. He is a life-long resident of the North Philadelphia area. It was here that he witnessed many of his friends and neighbors affected by gun violence.

Eventually, he decided to launch the Black Guns Matter movement. It is his hope that this initiative will continue to push the conversation surrounding gun violence in Philadelphia forward until effective measures are taken to address it. Black Guns Matter is dedicated to educating urban communities on their Second Amendment rights.

They also provide information about the safe use of firearms. The overall goal of Black Guns Matter is to inform people about gun ownership in order to cut down on gun violence. Black Guns Matter is available to speak at events across the country. They frequently provide talks and trainings with a focus on firearm safety, firearm storage, and self-defense laws for people living in urban communities. These workshops are designed to educate students of various ages about responsible use of firearms.
The Black Guns Matter website is dedicated to educating African Americans about the right to bear arms. The organization is an offshoot of the gun rights group, The Liberal Gun Club.
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